Hobart N50 5 Quart 3 Speed Countertop Mixer Review

Hobart N50 Countertop Mixer

Hobart N50 Countertop Mixer

The Hobart N50 5 Quart 3 Speed Countertop Mixer is a commercial planetary mixer which is ideal for use in food service operations such as restaurants and bakeries. It is designed as a general purpose mixer and customers have noted that if you require a mixer specifically for mixing and kneading bread doughs, it is better to purchase a mixer for that purpose because the Hobart N50 does not fill that need.

Its general purpose capability is enhanced by the inclusion of an attachment hub so that you can extend the mixer’s functionality to include such tasks as grinding, juicing and stuffing sausages etc. The mixer runs quietly and customers have found it easy to use and operate, making it ideal for staff to use in a business setting.

The five quart capacity is perfect for mixing moderate quantities and it comes with three speeds which can all be run at full motor capacity. Bowl lift is manual for precise control and the mixer comes with standard accessories. Customers agree that this is a quality built, general purpose mixer and if used correctly, will prove durable over the long term.

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Features of the Hobart N50 Countertop Mixer

Design - Countertop heavy duty planetary commercial mixer

Suitable For - use in a commercial setting such as a bakery or restaurant, but it is important to note that customers specifically mixing thick doughs on a constant basis is not a strong point of this mixer. A fit for purpose dough mixing and kneading mixer should be used for this purpose, while the Hobart N50 is an excellent general purpose mixer.


  • 1/6 HP
  • RPM - 135-281
  • Voltage - 120v
  • Amperage - 2.9
  • Watts - 348

Gear Transmission and Power - is different from home mixers of this size in that the motor always runs at full capacity on all three speeds. Domestic dome mixers only run at full capacity on the highest speed. This ensures the Hobart N50 maintains full power, even on low speed with the gear transmission providing the power.

Capacity - 5 quarts for moderate mixing tasks.

Bowl Lock - occurs at the top and bottom of the bowl for safety and efficiency.

Bowl Lift - is manual via a lever located near the operational controls ensuring ease of use.

Operating Speeds - there are three, bing high, intermediate and low, providing plenty of variation for a variety of mixing tasks.

Controls - are easy to reach and use while being connected manually to the transmission shift handle.

Attachment Hub - is a #10 and extends the functionality of the mixer to tasks such as juicing, grinding, etc.

Safety - a circuit breaker is included as well as a manual reset button for safety and user control.

Certifications - UL listed and NSF approved making it ideal for commercial use.

Color - grey.


  • 1 x Flat Beater
  • 1x Wire Whip
  • 1x Dough Hook
  • 1x Stainless steel 5 quart mixing bowl


It’s important to remember that the mixer needs to be turned off and the agitator has finished turning when you want to change speeds


Measures: 10.5 x 17 x 15 inches

Weighs: 49.8 pounds

Item model number: N50-60

Warranty: One Year Warranty

What’s Great about the Hobart N50 5 Quart 3 Speed Countertop Mixer?

  • Easy to operate
  • Powerful motor
  • Quiet operation
  • 3 Speeds
  • Comes with an accessory socket that takes KitchenAid accessories (eg, meat grinder)
  • Designed to be left in situ on countertop
  • Solid and heavy build
  • Motor operates at full speed on whichever speed is selected, regardless of the load on the motor
  • A geared transmission is used for changing between selected speeds
  • Includes circuit breaker feature
  • Whisk has plenty of tines for fast and effective whipping
  • Deep, narrow bowl is excellent for beating eggs whites and cream
  • Motor and fan have been designed to run efficiently for the best combination of power and cooling

What's Not so Great

  • Doesn't perform well with really stiff doughs

Reviews and Feedback

We give the Hobart N50 5 Quart 3 Speed Countertop Mixer an almost perfect review rating, a slight mark-down for the issue with stiff doughs. Things we like about it include its easy operation, overall design, solid build and capability for attaching a variety of attachments. We also like the three speeds provided and the transmission based speed changes. To read more about what other customers have to say, you can read their reviews here.


The Hobart N50 5 Quart 3 Speed Countertop Mixer is available from online retailers and you can find the latest price on Amazon for it here. We are impressed with the functionality and performance of this countertop mixer and appreciate its quality with the provision that it is not designed as a specific mixer for thick bread doughs. We are happy to recommend the Hobart as an excellent general purpose countertop mixer.

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