KitchenAid KSMC895OB 8 Qt Commercial Bowl Lift Stand Mixer Review

The KitchenAid KSMC895OB 8 Qt Stand Mixer is a solid mixer with plenty of power for both domestic and commercial uses. A small business would find this mixer useful for specific small volume tasks involving kneading, beating and whipping, while a home baker with a large family would be able to easily produce a regular high volume of baked goods. Anyone who does high volume baking for fundraising would also find this mixer a valuable addition to their kitchen.

From a commercial perspective, the emphasis is on low volume and it is also worth considering whether or not you need it for baking tasks only, or if you need additional attachments like a grinder or shredder for example. If you do, please note that this mixer does not have an attachment hub and you will need another machine for these tasks.


KitchenAid KSMC895OB 8 Qt Stand Mixer

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 For a small business that requires a mixer for low volume, yet constant use for baking tasks, this is an ideal mixer. It’s packed with features you can check out below.

Features of the KitchenAid KSMC895OB Stand Mixer

  • Design – an 8 quart commercial stand mixer with manual bowl lift
  • Motor – 1.3 HP DC motor
  • HP Delivered to Bowl - .44 HP allows the mixer to provide consistent power with less heat build-up ensuring motor longevity and dependable performance at all times
  • Gears – are all metal to avoid the need for replacement which can happen with plastic gears
  • Speeds – there are ten speeds available from which to choose depending on the task at hand. Speeds range from very slow, for slow stirring, through to a very fast whipping speeds
  • Slide Control – is used to select speed as well as to move between them.
  • Capacity – 8 quarts. This size is suitable for high volume domestic use as well as small volume small business use
  • Bowl – stainless steel with a J-style handle for easy manipulation
  • Bowl Guard – is stainless steel
  • Chute – is provided so that you can add ingredients through the protective bowl guard, effectively removing the need to stop the mixer and removing the guard when you need to add additional ingredients
  • Bowl Lift Type – a professional bowl lift design is used by way of a manual lever which effectively raised the bowl into the correct mixing position. It also provides efficient support and stability to the bowl, especially when large or heavy ingredients are being mixed
  • Color – dark pewter – with other colors available if you prefer
  • Certification – NSF certified

Included Accessories

All stainless steel

1 x 8 quart mixing bowl

1 x wire whip

1 x dough hook

1 x flat beater

KitchenAid 8QT Stand Mixer - Side View

KitchenAid 8QT Stand Mixer - Side View


Measures: 13.3 x 14.6 x 16.5 inches

Weighs: 32 pounds

Shipping Weight: 32.6 pounds

Item No: KSMC895OB

Warranty: 2 Year Replacement Warranty

What’s Great About the KitchenAid KSMX895OB

  • Reminiscent of mixers from a time when a solid build meant exactly that
  • Operates quietly
  • All metal gears
  • Removable parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher
  • Sealed gear box
  • Great for constant use
  • Gard must be in place for the mixer to operate
  • Includes a chute for adding ingredients through the wire guard

What’s Not so Great

  • One customer thought it shook a lot during use but others did not experience this

Reviews and Feedback

We give the KitchenAid Mixer an excellent rating. Things we like about it include its quiet operation, solid build, safety features and metal gears. We also like the fact that the gearbox is sealed and a dishwasher can be used for cleaning removable parts. We are also partial to KitchenAid because of their reliable products. To read about what other customers has to say, you can find all the customer reviews here.


The KitchenAid KSMC895OB 8 Qt Lift Stand Mixer is available online and you can find the latest price for it here. This mixer is also suitable for high volume domestic use and while it doesn’t have an attachment hub, it is ideal for all mixing, whipping and kneading tasks that a small business might require.  We are pleased to recommend it.