Ankarsrum 6230 Electric Stand Mixer Review

Anakarsum 6230 stand mixer

Anakarsum 6230

The Ankarsrum 6230 brings durability and versatility together in an electric stand mixer that offers professional quality performance. The Ankarsrum stand mixer is crafted from stainless steel and carbon steel construction for long-lasting performance. The variety of included attachments, and those available for separate purchase make this mixer a multifunctional wonder. You can use the Ankarsrum 6230 to whisk egg whites, knead dough, grind meat, and a whole lot more!

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The Ankarsrum 6230 electric stand mixer weighs just nineteen pounds for easy handling and convenient positioning under most kitchen cabinets. The rubber feet and solid construction keep the mixer in place during use. The choice of eleven colors makes the Ankarsrum an attractive addition to any kitchen counter or small hospitality business.

The Ankarsrum is made for those that demand a better quality from their recipes and from the tools they use to prepare them. The 6230 delivers professional quality results for recipes of all kinds.

Features the Ankarsrum 6230

Powerful, Quiet Motor

The 600-watt motor is in the bottom of the unit, providing powerful but quiet operation. The motor also comes with a 7-year warranty.

Speed Control

The speed control knob allows adjustments from 45 to 130 RPM for a variety of functions. An electronic speed sensor automatically adjusts motor torque to the load.

Large Beater Bowl

The 3.5-liter double beater bowl is made from BPA/BPS- free Tritan plastic that won’t melt or scorch when filled with boiling sugar and doesn’t leave a fatty residue behind after whipping cream. The generous size of the beater bowl is great for whisking meringue, frosting, and up to eighteen egg whites without overflowing.

On/Off Button with Built-In Timer

The Ankarsrum 6230 has a 12-minute timer built into the on/off knob to allow for multi-tasking. I like the fact that I can leave the mixer unattended while I take care of other tasks.


The electric stand mixer can literally do it all. A wide variety of optional attachments can be purchased to turn the stand mixer into a meat grinder, food processor, or slicer. Just turn the mixer on its side to use the incredible number of optional accessories which include a meat grinder, coffee mill, vegetable slicer, blender, citrus press, strainer, pasta discs, grater, flake and grain mills, and a cookie press.


Available in 13 colors to match any kitchen decor.


The electric stand mixer includes:

  • 7-liter stainless steel mixing bowl
  • dough knife
  • dough roller
  • dough hook
  • dough scraper
  • dust cover lid
  • multi-wire balloon whisk
  • 3.5-liter BPA/BPS- free Tritan plastic mixing bowl
  • single-wire cookie whips
  • Also included are a removable power cord, instructional DVD, and owner’s manual. Additional attachments can be purchased separately.
Ankarsrum Accessories

Ankarsrum Accessories

Things we like about this mixer

Quality definitely leads the pros on this mixer, with a 7-year warranty, overload protection on the motor base and 1-year warranty on the attachments. The Ankarsrum is a great value because of the metal construction and extensive warranty that ensure long-term durability and performance.

The Ankarsrum mixer is capable of doing almost anything that a food processor, meat grinder, juicer and slicer can do combined. The mixer does the job of three appliances while only taking up a small part of the kitchen counter space. The unit provides even more functionality and versatility than expected from a high-end mixer.

There is an extra-large opening that can be used to add ingredients while mixing. The variety of attachments available makes creating all types of recipes effortless. Just watch the instructional DVD that is included and master the features in no time!

The Ankarsrum 6230 is especially good for making bread. The mixer kneads and mixes dough until it is smooth, silky, and elastic.


Some people feel that the mixer is too pricey in comparison to its predecessor, the Ankarsrum 6220. However, the 6230 model brings some upgrades including metal control knobs instead of plastic, a more comfortable knob for tightening the mixing arm, and an increase in warranty from 5 to 7 years.

Are there Alternatives?

Yes, there are other multi-function mixers available on Amazon notably the Bosch MUM6N10UC Universal Plus Stand Mixer. This mixer is less expensive by a few hundred dollars, but still maintains most of the functionality of the Ankarsrum and receives outstanding reviews.

Consumer Ratings

Consumers are overwhelmingly happy with their purchase of the Ankarsrum electric mixer. The durability and versatility of the appliance are apparent from the time buyers take their purchase out of the box.

Many buyers also appreciate the wide range of colors available to choose from. The color range includes everything from basics like black chrome and mineral white to pearl pink and orange. The color choice makes it easy to coordinate with kitchen decor or just to choose a favorite color for the fun of it!

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The Ankarsrum 6230 stand mixer, because of its versatility and quality, will be probably one of your more expensive appliances. You can find the best deals at Amazon. Look here to find the latest price.

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